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By February 7, 2015News, Video

Deaf Community wants the world to gain awareness on Deaf actor/actress that they can take up role as true Deaf person in TV and films.

We have so many Deaf people who want to be part of Hollywood. It is TIME for them to hire REAL Deaf actor/actress.  How do you feel about having hearing person taking up Deaf role in TV/films?

On Jan 27, 2015 before Twitter and Facebook spread about #DeafTalent,  the film, Medeas announced that they picked a hearing person, Catalina Sandino to act the role of a Deaf Person married to a middle-aged man.  Deaf community is disappointed about that and there is plenty of Deaf Actor/Actress for the role. They are tired of Hollywood ignoring the deaf community.

Turn on Captions.


Deaf Actor/Actress

  • Russell Harvard , lead role in Fargo
  • CJ Jones, actor in many movie/tv shows
  • Michelle Banks, recurring role on Girlfriends
  • Shoshonnah Stern, recurring roles on Fox’s Lie To Me and Showtime’s Weeds,
  • Justin LeBlanc, Project Runway tv show contestant
  • Luke Adams, who teamed up with his hearing mother to compete in several seasons of the Amazing Race
  • Kurt “The Irish Chef” Ramborger, Chopped tv show contestant
  • Sean Berdy,  lead roles in Switched at Birth

and more. It is not that hard to find Deaf actor/actress on google.


You are next to do #DeafTalent, support us!

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