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Anytime, Anywhere Full Body Workouts

By March 25, 2015Health, March2015

Written by Beatrice Bachleda

Exercise creates healthier lives, fitter bodies, and happier moods. However, it takes a lot of time and requires equipment, right? Nope. Exercise can be done anywhere and anytime.

Walking or running outside is free and simple, but what if the weather’s dreary? Moves like jumping jacks and mountain climbers work indoors. Aim for four to five minutes of cardio, with 30 seconds breaks after each minute.

After a bit of cardio, add strength training for abs, legs, and arms with body weight moves.

Abdominal crunches work miracles. Move slowly to truly work the muscles. Bicycles work both front and side abs while Russian twists create a smaller waist with stronger side abs.

Squat deeply for firmer butts and legs. For best results, squat down as far as possible while keeping knees behind toes. To shake things up, try squat jumps. Jump straight up from a squat and come back into it. Lunges are also good leg strengtheners. Like squats, be sure to lower knees as far down as possible before coming up. Add calf raises for a full leg workout.

To round out a workout, tone up arms with push-ups. Full push-ups might be difficult, so begin with knees down first until ready to move up. For extra strength in shoulders and core, forearm planks held for 30 seconds or more build power. Line up elbows underneath shoulders and hold, keeping abdominals tight and contracted. Like push-ups, this pose can be started on the knees first.

These poses can be done in the morning, before bed, or during lunch breaks. They can even be done in intervals during television commercials! Do one or do them all. Just begin with up to 5 minutes of cardio, then choose a few strength-building workouts repeating each one 10-20 times for sets of 3-5. Drink lots of water, and enjoy a healthier life, fitter body, and happier mood!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 10.51.24 AMWhen she isn’t writing, Beatrice Bachleda is teaching yoga to all kinds of people whether they are Deaf or hearing, new or experienced, young or old. She received her 200 hours certification at Black Swan Yoga in Austin, Texas, and hopes to advance to a 500 hour level in the next few years. She credits yoga for not only improving her health and fitness but for opening her world. Yoga has helped her live more mindfully and happily as well as introducing her to many wonderful people and experiences in her life.

Beatrice is also involved with Deaf youths- working at summer camps and leadership and filmmaking workshops. She believes that our strong Deaf community is built upon confident and happy Deaf youths. Being involved in their lives and giving them reliable role models to look up to is a simple but profound way to make a lasting impact.

When she isn’t writing, teaching, or playing with kids, she’s usually found outdoors hiking, camping, and rock climbing. Though, on cold, rainy days, she’s just as happy staying indoors reading and playing board games. She is excited to be able to pass on her knowledge and experience for Deafinitely Magazine through her favorite creative outlet: writing.

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