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Game Review: Lifeless Planet

By March 23, 2015March2015, Review

A small company called Stage2Studio makes the indie game called Lifeless Planet.  It is about an astronaut and his crew that lands at a planet and thinks that there is no life there.  That is where they are wrong…they are not alone.  When the lead astronaut arrives, he loses his crew and he starts to look for them. He finds something else that he never thought of.  He discovers an abandoned Russian laboratory and sees a mysterious woman.  He decides to look and try to find answers but it leads to more questions.


My opinion of that game is that it is worth buying if you are Sci-Fi fantasy fans.  It does keep me playing and wondering what next?? It keeps surprising me and a few times I got a little jumpy.  Lifeless Planet’s graphics and play style is very smooth and nice.  Lifeless Planet as an indie game is very simple to play because it only needs a few buttons such as jump, action, light on/off, journal and crane tools.  Also, most of time Lifeless Planet is easy to play because I can figure out where I am supposed to go without getting lost; a few times there are trails, other times, I notice strange things or lights and follow them.  In my opinion, Lifeless Planet is easy to play but it will require much patience and good control because if one plays with impatience most of time, you will fail or die.


Lifeless Planet’s story and scenes have captions, which makes it easy to find what one needs to do next. It is simple and has few buttons to play.  It is deaf-friendly and good for deaf Sci-Fi fans gamers.

Written by Nicholas Wolf

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