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Kissfist Geek Review: Storycube Board Game

By December 29, 2015Review

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Kissfist Geek  shared a review on Storycube and gave instructions how to play it. In this game, you tell a story using nine dice. Each side on the die has an icon. You can use it as a literal or as a symbol for a meaning. For instance, we have a turtle icon which can be used as an animal in the story. Also, the turtle can be used to represent slowness, hiding (in the shell), or shyness. It depends on how you want to interpret your story.

Dunny said, “Wow, I really enjoyed this fantastic game. This game can be played by any age. The family can get together and each tell a story. It’s also great for party nights, where people get together and often have a laugh. I like watching my friends use their creativity and humor to tell stories. I notice that participants put in good practice of using classifiers. This game can be utilized for ASL classes. As an addition to following the curriculum, learning the basic signs such as sit and door, students can expand their learning to new signs. I strongly recommend you to play this game. Thanks for watching Kissfist Geek.

Note Video: 1:32 – demo of game playing  &  8:28 – Review

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