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Book Review : ASL & JSL Basic Signs

By March 25, 2015March2015, Review

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ASL & JSL Basic Signs is a compact and well-designed introduction to Japanese Sign Language (JSL) and American Sign Language (ASL). The first 12 pages seek to motivate the readers to learn JSL.  Including a nicely photographed starter vocabularies (of over 60 useful sign, here are the examples: “eat”, “thank you”, “numbers”, “gender”, “cities”, etc., and some sign languages are good for a visit in Japan or meet Deaf Japanese people. Also, has the short quiz and learning the written language.  Download ASL & JSL Basic Signs in iBook only on iPad or iMac.  Danny Gong, an author who moved from NYC, and currently living in Japan and teach ASL in the general schools. His book teaches the basic of sign language in Japan and America. Check it outit on his least updated about JSL and Japanese cultures. It is a right thing to be curious or to get ready to visit in Japan!

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