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Your Desk’s Assistant

By March 24, 2015Business, March2015

Written by Joe Caverly

As part of an ongoing effort to recognize deaf business owners, Deafinitely Magazine decided to reach out to a new, emerging business that is run through Nikki Reineck’s home: Your Desk’s Assistant.

Reineck was born to deaf parents in Frederick, Maryland and attended the Maryland School for the Deaf. Upon graduation, her next journey was at the same school where many deaf business owners graduated: Gallaudet University. At Gallaudet she majored in Sociology with a focus on Criminal Justice, but the majority of her time was spent involved with many organizations. “I was Chairperson for Homecoming one year,” said Reineck in a VideoPhone interview, “I was the Director of Community Relations for the Student Body Government and I also worked at the Office of Student Conduct.” Working in those jobs honed her organizational skills so that it helped land her a position at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She kept that job for 4 years. “I left that job because my daughter was born,” explained Reineck, “And because my daughter is Deaf, my husband and I wanted to move closer to a Deaf school.” Devout to her family values, she packed up and moved back to familiar territory in Frederick where she could dedicate her time to caring for her daughter. It wasn’t long before she started to shape up her business.

“During my time at the FBI, I performed contract jobs on the side doing assistant work where I would help clients finish their work or take on the extra load.” Now in Frederick, Reineck would do all assigned work through her computer at home, logging in information, database writing, or devising market plans.

When I realized the magnitude of the work, I decided to create my own business where I could perform the duties full-time while raising my daughter at home.” Reineck created Your Desk’s Assistant in July 2014 and it has taken off.

In the few short months since the company was founded, Your Desk’s Assistant has handled various clients ranging from those specializing in public service to jewelry to non-profit organizations. “All the work I do is at home on my computer. I help my clients design flyers, market their work, devise copyright policies, find donors, typing e-mail blasts, and even jobs as simple as writing thank-you cards!” Not all of the work is done solo, though. “I have a team of three people, I divvy up the work according to their specialties and together we get the work done.”

When asked about her long-term goals for Your Desk’s Assistant, Reineck says, “I’m seeking a Virtual Assistant team where I can employ others full-time while collaborating with several clients on a daily basis. With more employees, we can secure more long-term contracts with businesses.” She also adds that she wishes to generate webinar classes in the future where she can teach entrepreneurs essential skills such as developing an invoice system or database management. “I love helping businesses thrive, especially those owned and operated by deaf people.”

Her biggest advice for those who are seeking to establish their own business is to seek out a business coach. “They help so much.” says Reineck, “They guide you in the right direction—figuring out what works and what doesn’t. You could benefit from their insight but be sure to choose the right kind of coach; for there are many different kinds, so be sure to hire one most appropriate for your line of work.” Take it from Reineck, whose business has hit the ground running and has no plan to look back!

Your Desk’s Assistant can be found at

www.ydassistant.com and is always looking for new clients who need assistance in lightening their workload!

Joe Caverly

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